What members want in a lab services provider—and what they don’t know

Quest Diagnostics commissioned a survey of 1,000 members to find out what’s most important to members, how they choose a lab services provider, what they expect, and what that means for health plans.

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Member profile guides

Lab services consumer types

From online preferences to attitudes about healthcare, understanding members’ lab services consumer type can help health plans engage them further in their health, for better clinical and financial outcomes.

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Improve the member experience: lessons from a lab provider

Can health plans and labs collaborate to improve member satisfaction and loyalty? In this webinar, our customer experience experts explore insights, learnings, and best practices for improving member experience.

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Improving member satisfaction through lab pricing transparency

Consumers know the cost for nearly everything they buy, before they buy. Why not lab testing, too? Real-Time Estimation makes it easier for your members to understand the out-of-pocket cost of their lab tests upfront, and better manage their share of those costs. Learn why members and providers like Real-Time Estimation—and why you will, too.

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